Current June Releases:

TNT "Give Me A Sign" release: 02.06.2003
FARO "Dawn Of Forever" release: 10.06.2003
JOE LYNN TURNER "JLT" release: 16.06.2003

Upcoming July Releases:

TIM FEEHAN "Tracks I Forgot About" release: 07.07.2003
DOC HOLLIDAY "Gunfighter - Best Of 90s" release: 14.07.2003

Upcoming August Releases:

OPEN UP feat. Morten Holm "Open Up" release: 18.08.2003
TARAXACUM "Rainmaker" release: 25.08.2003
news 25.06.2003 MTM is releasing a VAN HALEN tribute:

The first, definitive Tribute to VAN HALEN's Diamond David Lee Roth (1978 - 1984) and The Red Rocker Sammy Hagar (1985 - 1996), this compilation features hits from both eras of VAN HALEN as well as solo smashes from both singers. Between VAN HALEN and Roth/Hagar solo material, over a hundred million records have sold worldwide!

The artist roster for this record includes such platinum heavyweights as guitar legends George Lynch (DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB), and Jimmy Crespo (AEROSMITH, ROD STEWARD), platinum rock band ENUFF ZNUFF, and DANGEROUS TOYS / WACHTOWER vocalist Jason McMaster, TNT frontman Tony Harnell, and KIX frontman Steve Whiteman. "Best Of Both Worlds" is released in September 15th.
news 23.06.2003 The new HUGHES TURNER is done:

Last week we received the new HTP album entitled "II". You can expect a great follow up album. Here is the tracklist:
Revelation, Alone I Breathe, Losing My Head, Going My Way, Hold On, Lost Dreams, Time And Time Again, Goodbye Friday, Burning The Sky, Sofia, Let’s Talk About It,
The album is scheduled for September 29th.
news 18.06.2003 JOE LYNN TURNER about his new album:

"It was real pleasure to record my new solo CD "JLT" ... from songriting, rehearsing to recording it was all done with a great feeling and spirit. All of my talented and faithful friends came and gave their time and abilities to the project, making it a truly enjoyable experiance! I feel that this album differs from the others because it takes a few different artistic turns ... I'm back to my blues rock roots on some cuts and others contain some obvious RAINBOW / DEEP PURPLE overtones! In either case I feel the songs and performances are metorious, and the sound is of a very high quality! Just crank it up loud and I think you'll agree! I hope you feel the same excitement that I do when you listen! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their loyality and support ... your the best!!!
Rock On! Peace ... JLT!"

news 16.06.2003 MTM signed Morten Holm:

MTM MUSIC is proud to announce the signing of Morten Holm and please read his incredible story:

Morten Holm, a young Norwegian, takes a vacation in Portugal to stay in a training camp. As a sprinter, he wants to reach Norways Top 5 on the 100 m and 200 m tracks. A food poisoning, or an allergic reaction of sime kind - nobody knows which - puts a tragic end to this career. For thirteen long years, constant fever, and many other complications force him to stay in bed. The doctors are completely at a loss; nobody can help him. He loses all contact to the rest of the world, and to all of his friends, of which only three stay with him. Still, he has his parents and his sisters to help him.

One day it becomes obvious to him, at last, that he needs to do something to bring back meaning to life. So he starts writing songs, first without musical instruments, but soon after he buys himself a keyboard, which he can place on his bed to play the tunes, that come to his mind. One of these songs he sends to a musician, who makes a demo version of it. When hearing this song for the first time, Morten takes such a strong motivation from it, that soon he is getting a little better. After thirteen years, he goes out into the sun for the first time again, looks at nature, listens to it, and starts to write wonderful songs. Knowing that the cold time of year will force him to stay indoors again, he contacts producer David Johansen, who likes the material imediately; they soon start to look for musicians to record a CD of Morten's songs. Binäre Optionen Strategien They find some great local musicians, in addition to Canadian Dave Evans.

Morten himself says he will never forget that warm summer in the studio, which he considers the best time of his life. The songs from this wonderful Westcoast album might have been written by more famous colleagues as the EAGLES, TOTO, AMERICA, or even by some BritPop heroes.
"Maybe you'll understand, while listen to this record, how special this CD is for me. And I hope I can inspire some of you out there to fight on and to look for roads never traveled. Finally, I am very happy that MTM Music believes in me and my songs. I hope you will enjoy!"

The release is scheduled for August the 18th.
news 13.06.2003 MTM signed SHIVA:

MTM MUSIC is proud to announce the signing of SHIVA! SHIVA is one of the most promising hard rock bands, among others because of the outstanding femal vocal performance of Anette Johansson. The previous self titled album achieved enthusiastic press and fan feedback and reached # 7 in the german ROCK HARD soundcheck! SHIVA's main members are Mats Edström (guitars, keyboards, background vocals) and Anette Johansson (lead and background vocals). While recording the two of them use some fellow musicians to fill in the drums and bass. "This songs from the new band SHIVA are pretty bombastic keyboard driven pompy progressive rock mixed with hardrock … I think we have discovered another killer band here …" (Nicky Baldrian) "Is this a girl singing? My God, where has she been hiding all this time then? Anette's got one of the most powerful female voices in Rock today, no doubt. Mats Edström's heavy guitars leave a big impression as well. "Free My Soul" definitely is my favorite song on the demo.” (Majestic Magazine)
The album is expected to be released in late this year or early next year.


news 12.06.2003 Prelistening mp3 files of TIM FEEHAN & DOC HOLLIDAY:

Please check out the prelistening files of our July releases. Please click the artist section / tracklist.
news 10.06.2003 MTM is building up a TNT street team:

Are you a European TNT fan?!! If so, we need your help to promote the current TNT EP 'Give Me a Sign' and the forthcoming TNT album.
Tony Harnell: "We need at least two or three people in each country of Europe! Sebastian of MTM will help to organize and tell you what you can do! Please have good ideas on what to do and who to contact, all ideas welcome. Please be serious and helpful. We don't want people who are just going to complain to the label. We do need informants though, is the CD in your local shop and things like that. But we don't want people just hasseling the record company, we need real ideas and real help!!:) We will consider you part of the family and there will be perks! Love you all, Tony"

MTM signed S.I.N.:

End of July 2002 guitarist Deddy Andler and British singer Jason Marks founded the band S.I.N. - Somewhere Into Nowhere. The name should express the step into the unknown and the beginning of a new musical adventure. The line-up was completed by bass player and guitarist Wolfgang Frank and drummer Alexander Hlousek in February 2003. S.I.N. soon decided to go to the well known House-of-Audio studio in Germany and record their self-titled debut album which consists of 10 songs. The style of S.I.N. can at best be described as powerful rock music with "in the mind sneaking melodies" - ranging from emotional ballads to up-tempo rockers. But nevertheless, the songs have their own spirit and character and sound well balanced. The album "Somewhere Into Nowhere" is scheduled for September.


news 05.06.2003 TARAXACUM news:

After “Spirit Of Freedom” the guys are finishing the new album “Rainmaker”. The band completed their line-up and hired a second guitar player Danny Klupp (ex-HAGGARD) and a bass player Shaker Elmosa. Tobias Exxel (EDGUY, Rick Mythiasin (who left STEEL PROPHET), Ferdy Doernberg (ROUGH SILK, AXEL RUDI PELL) recorded great new songs which have been mixed by Sascha Paeth (RHAPSODY, ANGRA, etc.). “Rainmaker” features a bonus track which is a spanish version of “If I Had Known” (“Lo Que Falto“) as Rick’s parents have spanish roots.
The release is scheduled for August 25th.