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If you are a medical professional administering your own healthcare center or office, or if you are simply the administrator of such a healthcare center or office, then you know that the medical supplies you use can influence a lot the outcome of your work. Using high quality supplies instead of cheap and poorly qualitative ones is of the highest importance, especially since some features of these products can affect the state of your patients and worsen it.

Exam gloves are among the most banal, yet most important types of medical supplies. Used both for surgical purposes and for examination purposes, they are highly important because they prevent the transfer of harmful microorganisms and bacteria from your skin as a caregiver to the skin/tissue of the patient. Thus, you should always make sure to purchase only the very best medical gloves out there and to ensure yourself that their quality is at the highest level possible.

There are multiple types of exam gloves and their categorization is made both according to the material from which they are made and according to whether or not they are powdered. Take the nitrile gloves as an example. These gloves have become very commonly used during the last few years. They are considered to be of a very high quality and they are also considered to be extremely durable. However, they tend to cost more, but giving the fact that they are resistant even from the chemical point of view, they should be considered to be a great investment. Furthermore, you should know that they come both in sterile and in non-sterile versions, so whatever your purpose may be with them, you can find the ones that are most suitable for your needs.

Latex gloves have also been very popular up to recent years, but nowadays, it is considered that you can find better alternatives to it. Latex gloves came both as examination gloves and as surgical (sterile) gloves. The modern alternative to latex is considered to be neoprene, which can be used both in the OR and for examination purposes as well. Although this is a synthetic material, it is considered to be of a high quality and the gloves made out of it tend to be a bit more expensive than the latex ones.

Vinyl gloves are generally considered to be of the poorest quality, since they can easily break. They are only used for examination purposes and they are usually cheaper than the latex gloves. For low-risk examinations, you can use these, but it is advisable that you use at least latex gloves if you want to make sure that no accident will occur.

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